I composed a short (~2 minute) piece for my 2008 Music 2 HSC. I'm working on expanding it to a full album under the pen name Obfuscated, but in the meantime you can download/stream the track here.


Experiments in Entropy: mp3 | flac | vorbis


Experiments in Entropy: Full score (pdf)


The violinist and pianist featured on this recording are both professionals, due to my lack of talent.

Audio geeks: mp3 version was encoded with LAME v3.98.2 using the V0 VBR preset, ogg vorbis version was encoded with OggEnc v1.0.2 using the q8 VBR preset, and all files are joint stereo, sampled at 16-bit/44.1KHz.

Creative Commons License
This composition, including the recording and score, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 Australia License.

In other words, you are allowed to freely download it, share it with your friends, perform it in public, use/sample/remix it in your own non-commercial work, etc. As long as I am attributed as the author, you don't need any explicit permission from me, just go out and do it! If your usage is commercial or for-profit, it's probably fine too, just ask me for permission first.